Chocolate Crazy Cake – A Classic Dessert Recipe

Chocolate Crazy Cake - A Classic Dessert Recipe

Chocolate Crazy Cake is a simple and easy dessert recipe that satisfies the chocolate craving, doesn’t have a million ingredients and will handily please a crowd. Is it called “crazy” because of the amazing chocolate taste? Is it “crazy” because that’s the reaction you get from your family when you serve it? Or is it “crazy” because the recipe has some unique ingredients (no eggs!)?

Chocolate Crazy Cake - A Classic Dessert Recipe

“You’ve been holding out on us”, we told our office mate Tina when she brought this cake to work last week. All these years and she’s never brought this cake into the office before! How could we have known her for so long and she’s not once shared this amazing cake?! (Can you tell I’m giving Tina a hard time?)

She brought us all a copy of the recipe and said it was given to her by her mother when she was first married. Tina was kind enough to pass it along to me and allow me to share it with my readers. I went home and made it for my family to rave reviews. In fact, I’d planned on taking a photo of my kids eating their cake, but they were licking their plates by the time I fetched the camera!

Chocolate Crazy Cake - A Classic Dessert Recipe

You will love that the recipe calls for simple ingredients that you probably already have on hand. Noticeably absent are eggs, which is great since eggs are quite expensive. This cake and the delicious frosting recipe go together quickly. The cake is incredibly moist and the frosting, which is made with semi-sweet chocolate chips, is not overly sweet. Pair it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or some sliced strawberries and it’s heaven on a plate…crazy!








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